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Jacket Sewing, pt 2

I cut and pinned all day yesterday.  I now have two jackets cut out and ready to sew.

1.  The purple suiting from yesterday.  Cut out as Robin’s jacket.  I’m ready to sew, but I need a foldover trim binding before I can start.  The very first step is to bind the edges of the pockets. 

2.  Blue hopsack that I bought last week.  I’m making it up as Max’s jacket with a white trim around the edge.  I need lining for it.  I could start sewing, but I want to cut the lining while the jacket is still pinned to the pattern so I can get the pieces all the same size.

I have fabric for a few others waiting in the wings as well. 

1.  Pink broadcloth with a tiny jacquard-like dot in it.  I’m thinking probably Sheila’s jacket for this one.  The fabric arrived just a couple of days ago and so needs preshrinking still.

2.  Black wool.  Needs preshrinking and a pattern.  Can’t decide what I want to do with this one.

3.  Purple quilted something.  I’ve forgotten what it is, I’ll have to check the label.  Kind of a suede-like fabric.

4. White/grey boucle.  I was originally going to make Robin’s jacket with this, but the wrong side is not very attractive.  I’ll probably get something grey and shiny for the facings.  Also needs lining fabric.

And then, with the basket weave and the two already cut out, that makes seven new jackets! Woo-hoo! 

Since, I can’t work on the jackets until after I go shopping tomorrow, I think I’ll cut out and sew that apron I’ve been needing.  I have a cute wraparound pattern (which I need because I tend to wipe my hands on my rear) and some Daisy Kingdom fabrics left over from when my daughter was little.  I’ve been wondering what I could do with it.  An apron should be really cute.